Chase Ink Bold current sign-up bonus being pulled on November 28, 2011

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Update: This offer is expired. You can find the current offer details here.

I’ve just received word that the Ink Bold® Business Charge Card 50,000 point sign-up bonus offer will be pulled on Monday, November 28. Now, I don’t actually know if the sign-up bonus is being increased or decreased, though based on the wording of the email it sounds like the latter. I’ll certainly post an update if I hear more, as I’ve asked for clarification (though I’m not sure they’ll tell me).

The current deal offers 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 on the card within three months.

I’ve written about the Ink Bold® Business Charge Card in the past, which is a great card on many levels. For one, it’s great for high spenders since it offers threshold bonuses whereby you earn a total of 147,500 Ultimate Rewards points for $100,000 worth of spend. That’s really good, especially if most of your spend isn’t in “bonus” categories offered by other cards.

Furthermore the points can be transferred to British Airways, Continental, Hyatt, Marriott, etc. Basically they offer a ton of flexibility to transfer to some amazing programs.

I have both the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Ink Bold card, but if I had neither card and were about to do a credit card “churn,” those would be my two choices, partly because these cards are keepers (the Chase Sapphire Preferred for everyone, and the Ink Bold card for those that spend a lot on their cards). Furthermore while Chase will typically only approve one personal application at a time, the Ink Bold card is a business card, so you can get approved for both cards simultaneously.

They each offer a 50,000 point sign-up bonus with no annual fees, and accrue what I consider to be the most valuable points currency, Ultimate Rewards points.

Signing up for these two credit cards alone will get you a business class ticket to Europe on Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, etc., with a stopover (and without any pesky fuel surcharges). While I realize most of you are savvy when it comes to this stuff, I love the reactions I get when I tell “normal” people how easily they can get a free business class ticket to Europe in summer for literally $100 in taxes.

So this is just a warning since I realize it’s a long weekend for most of you, but if you’ve been waiting to apply for the Ink Bold card, I’d get an application in by the end of the week. As I said I’ll be posting an update if they give me one I can share, though based on the original wording of the email I do suspect the bonus is going down.

You can read more about the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card here, and you can apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card here

You can read more about the Ink Bold® Business Charge Card here, and you can apply for the Ink Bold® Business Charge Card here

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  1. “Signing up for these two credit cards alone will get you a business class ticket to Europe on Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, etc., with a stopover (and without any pesky fuel surcharges).”

    Uhhh yeah, after spending $8k in 3 months. Minor detail.

  2. You may want to clarify that both cards do have $95 annual fees that are waived the first year.

    Along the same lines, does Chase still offer some sort of refund on annual fees for 1K’s on the MP cards? If so, any chance of success at asking nicely if they would apply it to the Sapphire Preferred instead? 😛

  3. Pretty sure the Chase Ink 50,000 mile offer I got was effective after the first spend on the card – no spend requirement. We’ll see if it posts. If not, using it for my business would make it easy but it’s possible there were different offers.

  4. @ David

    Best way is to transfer the points to Continental and book the business class award right on their website.

  5. I was lucky enough (no pun intended) to be targeted for an Ink Bold offer of 50,000 after first spend. I dont think the card is very useful at all and only use it at Sams where they only accept Mastercard. How are you going to generate high spending if you exclude travel and dining? Those usually make up the largest share of ones spend. Given that the SP gives 2X points for those charges and Ink Bold does not, I cannot see much value in the card.

  6. @ bmvaughn — Which really isn’t that hard to do with a bit of creativity (ie liquidating gift cards).

    @ Murphy — Hah, unfortunately I doubt they’d apply that towards the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

    @ David — If you transfer to Continental you can fly business class for 100,000 miles roundtrip.

    @ JA — I think it’s useful for people that put a lot of spend on their card through work, like manufacturing, shipping, etc. Many of these categories don’t earn bonus points with other cards. Other than that I agree it’s not necessarily a keeper, though the sign-up bonus is great.

    @ Chris — It’s just not explicitly written, but it accrues Ultimate Rewards points and those can be converted to miles/points in other programs.

    @ Roland — I would for the ability to transfer instantly. United miles are the most valuable currency out there, and this is the best way to transfer points to them with added flexibility.

  7. I actually just got this card yesterday and spent about $600. Then on monday I’m planning on buying some serious stuff from Apple that should put me over the $5000 spend plus get me a huge bonus for going through the UR portal. An easy 95,000 points in less than a week if you include the 5000 spend, 40,000 bonus from Apple and 50,000 bonus for meeting the spend.

  8. Hi Ben,

    Thank you for the disclosure at the end of your article.

    I wish all of our bloggers would do the same in each article in which they include referral links.

    Have a great holiday and keep posting!


  9. @ Goosh — VERY nice! I’ll be spending quite a bit at Best Buy on Friday through the mall. And thanks for using my link, I appreciate it.

    @ LIH Prem — Thanks, I think it’s the only right thing to do. Happy Thanksgiving!

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