Captain Denny’s December flight schedule

It has been a while, but Captain Denny has sent me his December flight schedule to share. Here it is:

12/04 UA943 ORD-LAX 17:30-20:00
12/05 UA324 LAX-IAD 08:31-16:20
12/05 UA729 IAD-TPA 18:16-20:42
12/06 UA465 TPA-DEN 18:35-20:41
12/06 UA419 DEN-PDX 21:39-23:36
12/07 UA464 PDX-ORD 13:22-19:20

12/11 UA943 ORD-LAX 17:30-20:00
12/12 UA239 LAX-SFO 10:31-12:07
12/12 UA760 SFO-ORD 13:12-19:25
12/12 UA640 ORD-PHL 21:00-23:58
12/13 UA563 PHL-ORD 16:39-18:06
12/13 UA515 ORD-SMF 20:30-23:02
12/14 UA332 SMF-ORD 13:17-19:20

12/18 UA839 ORD-LAX 18:31-21:02
12/19 UA347 LAX-BOS 08:35-17:00
12/20 UA881 BOS-ORD 09:02-10:55
12/20 UA107 ORD-LAX 13:06-15:35
12/21 UA944 LAX-ORD 07:00-13:03

12/27 UA524 ORD-BOS 06:00-09:16
12/27 UA785 BOS-DEN 10:06-12:56
12/28 UA227 DEN-LAX 11:47-13:23
12/28 UA118 LAX-SFO 15:27-16:56
12/28 UA573 SFO-SEA 17:54-20:07
12/29 UA916 SEA-IAD 07:33-15:29
12/30 UA865 IAD-ORD 09:53-11:12
12/30 UA728 ORD-IAD 13:06-16:06
12/30 UA249 IAD-ORD 17:11-18:30

Trying to figure out just how many of his flights I can squeeze into my schedule! Hopefully there will be a dinner somewhere in the mix in the next couple of months too.

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  1. Ben, thank you for sharing his schedule with us, it seem I won’t be able to be on one of his Dec flight.

    looking forward to have a Capt. dinner do again in SFO soon !


  2. I’m flying ORD-LAX on 12/11 as part of a LAX-ORD-MKE-ORD-LAX mileage run, but not on Captain Denny’s flight, darn it! Guess I’ll have to hope for irrops that keep me from taking the MKE leg.

  3. Thanks for posting! I’ve been waiting since June to see his flight schedule. While I’m not currently on any of his flights, I’ll keep my eye out for some deals on the flights he is on.


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