Dear fan club…

I must have a huge fan club (or maybe just a single fan that’s very dedicated), because I’ve received four emails from this PERSON club over the course of less than two hours this evening. šŸ˜‰

This email is being sent from “Luckycoins fan,” whose email address is First of all, I’m flattered! So I wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your lovely emails one by one on my blog. And maybe instead of emailing them to me, we can make this the consolidated “ask your lucky fan questions” post (because I’m sure you all have sooo many questions you’re dying to know the answers to, like the ones below).

Email number one:

Dear Luckycoins,

My readers has asked if it’s true that “a real mileage runners are mostly nerdy type of person?”


United will offer passengers flying in Economy Plus a free drink during the first beverage service August 6-16.

Yes No

Email number two:

Dear Luckycoins,

My readers has asked if it’s true that “you want to be Ryan Bingham but in the VDB version?”


Did you know United offer Economy Plus seating up to 5 inches of legroom.


Email number three:

Dear Luckycoins,

My readers has asked if it’s true that “you grew up in the air?”


United offer delicious buy onboard products such as fresh items breakfast,lunch and dinner for $9.


Email number four:

Dear Luckycoins,

My readers has asked if it’s true that “you dropped out of college to become a full-time mileage runner?”


Did you know? United offered free headset to all customers.


Keep up the “IN THE KNOW ZONE” questions. As someone that flies United 250,000 miles/year, I had no clue!

Don’t worry FANS, I still love you…

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Ben Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile At A Time.

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  1. @Ben – Yes Josh was on Lucky’s SFO-SEA and SEA-IAD redeye flights back in either Jan or Feb. I remember being told he drank a lot of orange juice and he stared at Lucky the whole flight.

  2. I wonder if this United employee realizes his email signature is a United tip of the day, or whatever. Could probably get him canned if you forward all of these to customer service. I’m sure their IT could trace the emails. Seems like a waste of paid work hours, plus it’s border-line harrasment of a customer who flies several hundred thousand miles a year.

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