The Crew Lounge — give it a listen

Upgrd is expanding beyond miles, points, and hot nuts. Check out the new Upgrd Podcast, “The Crew Lounge.” It’s hosted by my favorite flight attendant blogger, Sara, and her sidekick Bobby. They just released their first episode, appropriately entitled “The Pilot” (and Sara tells some mean pilot jokes…. just sayin’!).

If you’re a flight attendant you’ll surely be able to relate to them. If you’re a passenger, you can have all your questions answered and even find out some stuff you really didn’t need to know about. ­čśë


  1. I listened to this new podcast and absolutely loved it. I like it even better than the upgrde podcast and I love that one.

    Great stuff. Would love to hear more about food, interesting passenger situations, definitely good/bad hotels, restaurants, stories from your overnights, etc.

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