Upgrd 50: The Big Five Oh

Join us for episode 50 of the Upgrd Podcast. Unfortunately I don’t have a good reason for having missed this one, other than mixing up days. Oops!

Only posting about this because I have a comment or two to make. First of all, thanks to Matt’s fiance for her lovely comment about me. Much appreciated. šŸ˜‰

More importantly, though, I wish I could have been there to respond to Mike’s comment (around the 15 minute mark). Mike played the audio of the predictions we made for 2009 back in late 2008. Mike said my predictions were “very generic…. I don’t even know if this counts.”

Let’s go through my predictions one by one, shall we?Ā 
— Promotions? Check (although fair enough, that’s generic)
— More double elite qlualifying miles promotions? Check
— Hotel promotions, including double stay offers and Hyatt’sĀ Faster Free Nights? Check, check, and check
—Ā Status being awarded to people that are short of actual qualification threshold? Check (see this 200+ post thread in the United forum)

Now, even if Mike doesn’t think so, I’m going to go on the record and say I nailed it. šŸ˜€

I guess what I find really funny is Mike’s prediction — “United is going to have some major change announced by the end of the year.” Way to be specific, Mike!


  1. Lol fair enough Ben. I guess I should have said that our “predictions” were a little more adventurous compared to yours.

    I predicted that something major – like a take-over or selling of UA’s pacific routes would happen. But you are right I missed by a mile and you were correct with yours. Can’t wait to hear your 2010 picks when we record next week.


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