A Tale of Two Travellers at Edmonton International Airport

Check out this video that the Edmonton International Airport put together. As they describe it:

Take a look at these two before you take your next flight from EIA! This award-winning video showcases how–and how not–to use the many “future airport” technologies that make flying from EIA easy, fast and comfortable.

Am I the only one wondering what awards this video won? 

Now, let’s see who’s really observant. What part of this video doesn’t “add up?”

Hilarious nonetheless!

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  1. A) EIA = Eia Popondetta, Papua New Guinea
    B) How did the “disorganized traveller” get that 64oz drink through security??

  2. Yos and UA_to_ORD caught the EIA on the baggage tag… But perhaps he is flying from YEG to Papua New Guinea?

  3. You guys are too bright! I was thinking about the “Big Gulp,” especially after the big liquids game. Who knows, maybe he is traveling to Papua Nea Guinea. I thought it was odd, but I’m not ruling out the possibility (and yeah, it’s an odd coincidence). 😉

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