Please help: Upgrd Podcast survey

If you’ve listened (or yelled at your computer telling it to shut up) to at least one episode of the Upgrd Podcast, we’d love to get your feedback via a short survey. It’ll only take you a minute, and it’s anonymous. Sorry, but you won’t earn any E-Rewards Dollars, Opinion Place Points, etc. 😉

Please click here to take the survey.

Thanks for your help!


  1. Why didn’t you ask whether the listener was a male or female? A standard question to miss with the other regular questions.

  2. A comment box at the end of the survey would have been nice. I would have noted that having several people on a big conference call as you did in your recent podcast makes for a rather painful listening experience. One participant didn’t speak at all for a good 15 minutes. The rest were busy cutting the others off with unimportant commentary.

    I think the podcasts are a great idea… I would rather you stick to interviewing one guest at a time so they can have a reasonable conversation with the person and then move on to the next guest.

    – T

  3. @Pat – I didn’t add the question, as I didn’t want the survey to get too long, but you are right it should have been a standard question. Will add it next time.

    @Tony – I should have added the comment box, I completely forgot about it. You can always email in addition, I’ll be sure to add an anonymous “suggestion” form on the website for people that don’t want to email. Also, we will discuss our format, especially when we have a guest. This week’s episode will be much easier on the ears as there were only three of us.

    Thanks for both of your ideas.


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