American ups the ante to 30,000 bonus miles per card!

American’s Citi cards have always been my favorite, mainly because there are so many types to apply for and they each come with a 25,000 mile sign-up bonus. Also, all American miles count towards million miler status, unlike other airlines where only “butt-in-seat” miles count. As if American wasn’t generous enough in the past, I just got an email advertising 30,000 bonus miles per card! It advises me to apply for the Citi Mastercard, Citi American Express, and Citi Business Mastercard.

If anything I would have expected the sign-up bonus to decrease, but instead they give us an extra 5,000 miles per card!


  1. @ Chris — I can’t guarantee it’ll work, but I’d certainlygive their customer service line a call and reference the new sign-up promotion. They might just throw in the 5,000 bonus miles as a “gesture of goodwill.” 😉

  2. @ Oliver — If you sign up for the cards individually (as opposed to adding cards) you’ll get the full sign-up bonus. Lots of people “churn” the AA Citi cards.

    @ Gary — The only link in my email is to the sign-up page linked above. I’d be happy to forward the email to anyone that would like it. Feel free to email me at if you’d like a copy.

  3. Lucky…
    In a past life I had 800,000 miles on AA before I swore never to fly them again and moved to UA, where I will hit a million next year. Are you telling me I can get to million on AA without ever flying them again? Sounds insane…

    Do I just need to put $200,000 on an AA credit card for the next few years? What other non-BIS miles are the easiest to earn.

    Wow, can’t believe AA would allow this!

  4. That’s correct, Mike. If you earn 1,000,000 American miles you earn lifetime Gold stauts, even if you’ve never flown with them before. Heck, you can just churn their credit cards for those miles too. Either way, it’s ridiculously easy.

    Rumor has it they’ll be changing that system sometime relatively soon, so if you want to lock lifetime status in, do it sooner rather than later.

  5. Er . . . regarding the rumor above about AA changing the Lifetime status rules to require (I assume) actual flight miles, do you have any inkling of when that change might occur? Next month? Next year? Do you think I can call AA and ask?

    I am currently at 1.8M miles and have enough transferable Starpoints to push me over the 2M mark, but I was hoping to do this after July as I do not want the systemwide upgrades to expire before next summer. Do AA’s systemwides expire in a year from issuance? Thanks

  6. @ Craig — Sorry, I don’t mean to scare anyone. If American makes a change to their million miler program, I’m sure they’ll give us some advanced notice. This has been a rumor for years now, so I see no reason that the change would happen before the end of the year at the earliest. It’s just always something to keep in mind, since the program is too good to be true as it stands.

  7. I just went to the Citicards page that I used to sign up for my 25K mile cards and it generates the same three links Lucky just posted (only the session id changed):

    But citicard is still advertising them as 25K cards, I don’t see 30K mentioned anywhere.

    I’d love to see the email Lucky is talking about it!

  8. signed up for the business card using link above. didn’t see anything on citi site mentioning 30,000. i hope i get them.

  9. I just used those links to apply for a new Citibank AA card – I confirmed with a rep that I’m getting the 30K miles after spending $750 within 3 months, no annual fee for the first year.

    Note that United/Chase has started clamping down on their bonus offers if you’ve had a card before.

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