Tour of ORD Operations

There’s little I can add to Gray’s excellent report of our ORD operations tour, so I’ll just post a few pictures with some commentary.

Captain Flanagan/United had a bunch of gifts for us in the flight operations conference room. First, they had “Age of Flight” books for everyone, which is the book Captain Flanagan gives out all the time to passengers.

Captain Flanagan also promised a special gift for those that dressed up in a coat and tie, which ended up being a copy of the book “Customer Love.” Captain Flanagan decided to give one to everyone, since he brought so many. What an awesome book! It’s all about great customer service stories, and lo and behold, Captain Flanagan is featured on page 48!

United also made a cake for us. At that point we were starting to suspect that “FlyerTalk One” might actually be our callsign. 😀

Last but not least, all of us got United lanyards. What’s so funny about them is that they make others assume we’re United employees. A FlyerTalker mentioned getting the airport employee discount at Dunkin Donuts because she was wearing one of them. On one of my flights yesterday I was seated in the exit row and the flight attendant asked everyone for a verbal “yes” agreeing that we were willing and able to assist the crew in the case of an emergency. As she came to me she said “of course you are.” There was a couple sitting across the aisle from me, and the wife asked the husband “Why did she say that?” and he said “because he’s a flight attendant.” Later the other flight attendants asked me where I was based.

Hah! I think I’ll be having a bit of fun with this lanyard. 😀

Oh, and I also didn’t realize that the coat and tie I was wearing were basically the same as the United uniform. Freaky!

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  1. I thought that your striped shirt was purposefully chosen to look like a UA employee, frankly.

  2. “Oh, and I also didn’t realize that the coat and tie I was wearing were basically the same as the United uniform. Freaky!”

    I believe that’s a Freudian slip on your part 🙂

  3. Later in my trip home I dozed off while we were being deiced for the LGA-BOS flight. I woke up while we were taking off and discovered one of the large 1L water bottles placed in the empty seat next to me. Since I had the whole exit row to myself (two exit rows, actually) I can only assume the FA’s dropped if off because they thought I was crew. Haha.

    I’m definitely suiting up for another MR.

  4. Why would anyone ever wear nice clothes on an MR (except maybe for the chance UA personell think youre staff). For an MR Id want to go as comfortable as possible, you dont really need to impress anyone 😉

  5. Pertaining to the lanyard;

    I of course had to go back to ORD (from IAD) after all this. I cant tell you how many times i was asked for airport directions and assistance. 😛

  6. “Hah! I think I’ll be having a bit of fun with this lanyard.

    Oh, and I also didn’t realize that the coat and tie I was wearing were basically the same as the United uniform. Freaky!”

    Uh oh . . . Lucky drank the Kool-Aid and now he’s dressing like “them”. 😉

  7. LMAO! You guys are cracking me up.

    Oh man, the fun I’ll have. From now on I’m definitely dressing up when I fly, with a coat, tie, and lanyard. I’m sure I’ll have some fun stories to share after my next UA trip.

    Chris, don’t even. 😀

  8. Haha, so the purser on UA FT1 happened to be my purser on my connecting flight to SEA. My upgrade didn’t clear–it was an A319 and by the time I requested the upgrade it was already F0. I settled in my exit row seat, still wearing my lanyard. Naturally I got a few glances and a few folks asked various questions thinking I was an FA. Half an hour into the flight the purser came to ask me if I wanted a glass of wine from F, if she could hang my coat etc. She was just being friendly, we had chatted onboard FT1 and she knew I’d be in 12A on our flight home. My neighbors were a bit disgruntled though–they automatically assumed I was an employee and thus getting preferential treatment 🙂 At that point I wondered if there would be another FTer nearby who wasn’t on FT1 and would post a rant about employees getting free booze from F 😉

    On the flip side, a friend of mine almost got refused access to the NRT F lounge because he was wearing a UA pin. The attendants were convinced he was an employee and wouldn’t let him in despite his F BP showing his MP# and status (had he been an employee, he would have had access as a revenue pax anyway.) So I guess wearing a UA outfit can backfire too. It’ll make for fun stories for sure, though 🙂

    PS: Add me to the list of those who thought your outfit was inspired by UA’s uniform 🙂

  9. Now if i could get hold of that lanyard for Thusday….

    Sigh 😉

    It look like the good Captain and UA took care of you all – I’m still not jealous.

    Well a tinsy bit 😉

  10. LMAO, Pat+! That’s too funny. I’m also waiting for the day that someone posts a thread about an NRSA taking an F upgrade before a revenue passenger, only for it to be an FT’er.

    It’s really odd that a friend got denied access to the F lounge. I guess I better go to the NRT IFL soon. Between my UA pin, UA lanyward, and two UA luggage tags, I think I might just be in for an adventure. 😀

  11. “Oh, and I also didn’t realize that the coat and tie I was wearing were basically the same as the United uniform.”

    LOL. Admit it, you knew! And (consciously or at least subconsciously) chose the colors for that reason!

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