Before I write anything even resembling a trip report….

Before I write a trip report about our weekend aboard “FlyerTalk One,” I just wanted to share a few links:

  • The dispatcher for our flight wrote a review from his end of things, which can be found here. How awesome is that?
  • Gray from Wing and a Prayer wrote a review of our ground operations tour at ORD. There’s no way I can even come close to writing a report as humorous or well written as his, so I won’t even try. Instead I’ll stick to our flight with Captain Flanagan as well as the flights leading up to the ground operations tour.
  • You can listen to some of the ATC feeds from our flight with Captain Flanagan on the radio here (0:35 in) and here (10:01 in). Yes, our callsign really was “United FlyerTalk One Heavy.”

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