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This past weekend I flew to Seattle for an event I attended on Friday (more details to come), and decided to fly Northwest. Since I recently status matched to Northwest Platinum, I wanted to give Northwest a try and see how they compare to United.

It worked out quite well, since Northwest was one of my only options out of Tampa, given that I couldn’t leave before 5PM on Thursday. I booked a late evening TPA-MSP-SEA flight, and for Saturday booked SEA-DTW-TPA for the return. This was I could go through both of NW’s major hubs, since I’ve heard really good things about DTW and moderately good things about MSP.

The ticket came out to $177 after a $50 e-certificate that a friend gave to me, which is a great fare. Add that to the fact that my upgrade cleared for all four flights six days out (as opposed to the advertised five days), and I was a happy camper. It was interesting to see that the seatmap filled up almost all the way at the upgrade window, as I noted in a recent post. It seems like Delta and Northwest have tons of Platinum members.

Coming up is a review of my outbound TPA-MSP-SEA flights (including the World Club in MSP), then my stay in Seattle (including a review of the Hilton Garden Inn Seattle/Renton), and lastly a review of my SEA-DTW-TPA flights (including the World Club in DTW).

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  1. I felt the same way about the new NW boarding passes which spill your entire itin to the agent. I was doing DTW-DEN (via MSP, LAX, and SLC) and didn’t really appreciate advertising that fact to every agent I encountered! Of course, that was the trip that got short-circuited due a bump in MSP…. 🙂

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