Lufthansa changes First Class Terminal access rules again!

Via this thread on FlyerTalk, Lufthansa is once again changing their policy for their First Class Terminal (FCT) access. Originally the FCT could be used by all first class passnegers, even if connecting to a business class flight. That means passengers flying JFK-FRA-CDG could use the FCT on their layover in FRA, since they were arriving in international first class. Then they changed their policy to say that you could only use the FCT with a departing Lufthansa first class flight. In the above scenrio, that means you couldn’t use the FCT when flying JFK-FRA-CDG, but you could use it flying CDG-FRA-JFK.

Now they’ve changed the rules for the worse again, saying that you can only use the FCT if your travels start in Frankfurt and your departing flight is in first class. That means that neither of the above scenarios would technically allow access.

That being said, I can’t imagine that they’ll deny you entry if you’re flying CDG-FRA, have a long layover (maybe even overnight), and then fly FRA-JFK in first class.

On the plus side the First Class Lounges aren’t bad, and it seems like they’re building another facility at the airport.

A big thumbs down to Lufthansa for this policy change.

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