How to credit card churn and how to book round the world tickets

Chris at The Art of Nonconformity has made two particularly interesting travel posts recently, which I found to be very helpful.

First, he has a post on how to book a round the world ticket. It’s just about the best explanation I’ve seen, and is easy to understand.

Second, he has a great post about credit card churning, which shows the minimal effect it can have on your credit score, even when done in excess.

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  1. After reading the post about credit card churning, I have a question about the minimum spend. The comments are closed on that page (it’s an old post anyway) but maybe you can give some insights. He applied for 9 cards, each had a min spend from $1000 to $3000 within 3 month in order to get the bonus. His tip on getting $1 coins is OK, but is ordering bags coins worth of $5-10K a normal practice? I just got AMEX premier rewards gold, and bought a macbook air which covered the $1000 minimum to get the 50000 bonus (it was a planned purchase). I’m eying Chase sapphire preferred card, which $4000/3 months minimum spend is a little puzzling, as I don’t spend as much normally. How do you guys go around the minimum spend to get the bonuses (in 2015)?

  2. @ Elena — There’s not really an easy way around it, per se, though worst case scenario you could send someone money on Paypal, and the fee will only be a couple of percent (and they can always pay you back).

  3. Thanks! So PayPal payments and transfers are considered eligible transactions? I wasn’t sure I could use that.

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