Analyzing my RCC membership….

My Red Carpet Club membership expired in September, and I haven’t renewed yet. Since I’ve been sitting in the terminal at IAD for two hours now, I decided to do a quick analysis and see whether or not membership was worth it. For those not familiar with RCC pricing, it’s $300/year for 1K’s. This includes free internet, soft drinks, and snacks.

Based on the basic math I did, it seems like I’ve spent about 100 hours in RCC’s throughout the country during my 12 month membership. That comes out to about $3/hour.

So, has it been worth it? I’m not so sure, but I’m leaning towards yes. As crappy as RCC’s are, there’s a huge difference between the terminal and the RCC in terms of peacefulness, at least most of the time. I can actually semi-relax in the RCC, while the concourse is loud and smells like fast food. Furthermore, I think I’ve saved quite a bit by being an RCC member through concessions I didn’t buy as a member. Instead of grabbing something to eat in the concourse, I always tried to stick to what was in the RCC. Considering that I’ve done about 150 segments in the past year, it adds up quite a bit.

So even though it’s among the worst of the airline clubs, it’s still worth it overall, in my opinion, at least for people that do at least 100 domestic segments a year with layovers.

I’m thinking I won’t join again for now, but in the new year I’ll probably status match to BMI, which gives me free RCC access (although technically not free internet, but that doesn’t matter since I have access to a T-mobile account).

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