Have pictures to share? Email them over!

In addition to the Friday photo “contest,” I’m thinking of adding a similar thing on Tuesdays, except with reader photos, assuming there’s enough interest. There are so many places I still need to see, so naturally my pictures only cover a limited scope. So, if you have any nice, stunning, interesting, or weird pictures you’d like to share of your travels, please email them to me at onemileatatime@hotmail.com, and I’ll start featuring them on Tuesdays, with the same format as what I do on Fridays. Full credit will be given to whoever’s pictures are featured.


  1. Have you thought of creating a Flickr group? It would be another easy way for people to submit photos and you would get some additional attention for your site.

  2. Interesting, I actually haven’t thought of that before. So you’re saying have a group and then people would email me pictures and I’d upload them, or is there a way for people to directly add them to the album (without of course publically posting the password)?

    Sounds like an idea worth exploring! 🙂

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