Excellent Channel 9 WSJ Article!

There’s an excellent Wall Street Journal article about Channel 9 which was published today. I recommend giving it a read. I was actually interviewed for it but wasn’t quoted, so I guess I either said nothing that was quote-worthy (which, based on the content of the article, I don’t think is the case), or I don’t have a four word, nifty sounding job title and it would be too embarrassing to quote a lowly college student. That being said at least he listened to me unlike a previous interview I had with another major newspaper, who essentially refused to speak with me because I guess I lack the credentials for quote-worthiness, at least in their eyes. I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to over the next few years, at least until I have a fancy job title.

Either way I thought it was well written and was happy to see the influence FlyerTalk.com could have in this case.

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