Hotel Room Cleaned While You’re In It?


General question — do you expect your hotel room to be cleaned while you’re in it? Either because the room attendant offers to, or because you suggest that they do?

I always thought that was a big no-no. I sure as heck don’t want someone cleaning the room while I’m in it, and I imagine it’s quite awkward for them as well.

Today housekeeping knocked on my door at around 1PM. At that point I realized I forgot to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, which was because I was out of the room for a few hours in the morning, and forgot to put it back on when I returned to the room.

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How Long For Connection On Award Ticket?


Reader C Diddy asked the following question on the “Ask Lucky” page of the blog:

“Hi Lucky,

How much time do you leave yourself on a layover between a positioning flight and an international flight booked separately? I’m flying LAX-AUH shortly, and need to book my positioning flight from DEN. I get nervous that if something goes awry on the positioning flight, I might miss the long-haul. Just looking for some guidance on what you typically are comfortable with. Thanks!”

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Hawaiian Airlines Business Card Spend Threshold Bonus Worth It?


Hawaiian Airlines has offered some reasonably lucrative co-branded credit cards over the years. Up until last year their co-branded credit cards were primarily issued by Bank of America, and then overnight the cards disappeared. Then this year the cards reappeared, except now they’re issued by Barclaycard.

The cards offer fairly lucrative sign-up bonuses of 35,000 miles. The personal card offers the bonus after spending $1,000 within 90 days, while the business card offers the bonus after the first purchase. The annual fee on each card is $89, and isn’t waived for the first year.

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Aviation: The Invisible Highway Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.07.26 AM

A stunning trailer has just been released for a documentary that will be coming out next year, entitled “Aviation: The Invisible Highway.”

What an absolutely gorgeous video that captures what I think has most of us obsessed with this hobby. As much as I write about caviar and Krug and good service and comfortable duvets and rubber ducks, at the end of the day that’s not what I truly love about flying.

It’s the miracle of flight that still has me hooked. Even millions of miles later, I still gaze at airplanes and airports the same way as I did the first day they caught my attention.

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How Do You Avoid Tourist Scams?


Yesterday I posted an interesting infographic that Just The Flight put together about 40 tourist scams to avoid this summer. The list is totally spot on, and I’ve certainly fallen for quite a few of them over the years.

Reader Drew left an interesting comment on the post:

“So what is the best way some of you all protect yourself? Like do you ignore everyone who approaches you to ask you a question and blow them off?

I’m sure there are some genuine people who are lost and need help, and I would love to help them but if there is no way to know if they are going to scam you, I would rather ignore them and move on.


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Review: Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt


We decided to spend the night at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport, but since I reviewed that just a couple of months ago, I’ll skip it with this trip report. The stay was good as usual — you can’t beat the convenience of being right across from the terminal, and the club lounge there is great as well.

Our flight from Frankfurt to Washington Dulles was at 1:10PM, and since we had been given our boarding passes when checking in at Beijing Airport, we could head straight through security.

We left the hotel at 11:30AM, and were through security and in the Z Concourse by 11:50AM, which was surprisingly efficient for Frankfurt. While I transit Frankfurt Airport well over a dozen times per year, I usually have the good fortune of using the First Class Terminal, which means I get to bypass the terminal altogether on departure.

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Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus Devaluation Postponed


In mid-June I wrote about the drastic award chart devaluation announced by the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus program, which was supposed to kick in for redemptions made starting September 1, 2014.

When I first saw the new award chart I said “hmm, this doesn’t look so bad, what’s everyone complaining about?” And then I quickly realized that the award chart was going from displaying roundtrip redemption costs to displaying one-way redemption costs, and the rates remained roughly the same — ouch!

For example, an award ticket between “Asia 1″ and North America presently costs 264,000 miles roundtrip, while under the new chart it would cost 264,000 miles one-way. That’s right, the saver award cost between Asia and the US would be 528,000 miles roundtrip. That’s insane!

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United’s New “Safety Is Global” Safety Video

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.52.08 AM

United finally came out with a new safety video which tries to compete with the likes of Air New Zealand, Delta, etc., in terms of trying to get people to pay attention. Check it out:

I think the concept is great, though I think they could’ve cast some more charismatic employees.

The kangaroo part is absolutely brilliant, though!

What do you think of United’s new safety video?

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Hilton To Add Mobile Check-In And Room Keys


Hilton announced some mobile innovations today which seem long overdue for the hotel industry:

“In a first for the hospitality industry, Hilton Worldwide today announced its guests will have unprecedented choice and control over their entire hotel stay with the ability to check-in and choose their exact room from digital floor plans, as well as customize their stay by purchasing upgrades and making special requests for items to be delivered to their room, on their mobile devices, tablets and computers. Guests also will be able to check-out using these personal technology devices. By the end of 2014, digital check-in and room selection will be available at more than 4,000 Hilton Worldwide properties across 11 brands in 80-plus countries via members’ Hilton HHonors accounts.”

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Best Ways To Book Lufthansa First Class Using Miles


As y’all know, Lufthansa has one of my favorite first class products in the world, though it’s becoming progressively more difficult to book it with miles. That’s not just because they’re releasing award space to members of their partner frequent flyer programs at most 15 days before departure, but also because of the ever decreasing ways to redeem miles for it.

Most recently:
– United MileagePlus devalued their award chart, raising the cost of Lufthansa first class between the US and Europe from 67,500 miles one-way to 110,000 miles one-way
– Avianca LifeMiles began blocking Lufthansa first class award space
– US Airways left the Star Alliance, meaning Dividend Miles could no longer be redeemed for Lufthansa first class (though they were blocking Lufthansa first class as well, so it was somewhat of a moot point)

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Review: Ethiopian Airlines Business Class 767 Addis Ababa To Frankfurt


After a roughly six second bus ride from the terminal, we pulled up to the Ethiopian 767 that would be taking us to Frankfurt, in “Star Alliance” livery no less.

Boarding was via stairs through door 2L, so upon entering the plane we turned left into the business class cabin.

Oy. Hello 1990!

We walked through the rather colorful economy mini-cabin and into the business class cabin, which consisted of a total of 24 seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2-2 configuration.

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