Uber Already Shut Down In Las Vegas

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Earlier I posted about how Uber (more specifically UberX) finally launched in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has one of the most corrupt taxi mafias out there. I mean, them blocking Uber aside, look at the complete lack of transportation options between McCarran Airport and The Strip. Even though they’re a mile apart, the only real way to get between the two is by taxi. Do you think that’s a coincidence, or because the taxi mafia is paying some people off?

Well, just hours after it launched, Uber has already been shut down in Las Vegas, through at least November 7, 2014.

Via Las Vegas Review-Journal:

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Homophobic Drunk Man Goes Nuts At Airport!


A ridiculous video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday of a fight that broke out at a gate at DFW Airport earlier in the week. And by “fight” I really just mean a single idiotic drunk guy was making an a$$ of himself.

Note that the video contains strong language, so if you’re easily offended…

He goes off on a guy who’s filming him, who he apparently suspects is gay.

The guy in the cowboy hat asks the drunk idiot what he’s upset about, and if I’m understanding him correctly he responds “queers… is what I’m upset about. This faggot right here. Shove it up your ass, man, and see how that feels. You might get tickled. F#cking queer.”

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Uber Finally In Las Vegas!!!

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I’d argue Las Vegas is the single most corrupt city in the US when it comes to taxis. That’s mainly because everything is in such close proximity, and the taxi drivers will do everything to screw you over and take you the long way. Not only are they charging you more, but they’re wasting your time as well.

In September I wrote about the taxi excitement I experienced in Las Vegas, from the driver that took us between two points on the Strip via the interstate, to Jeff, who was… well, you’ve just gotta read about him.

As I explained in that post, Uber wasn’t allowed in the city due to the taxi mafia, which is among the strongest anywhere.

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How Should My Dad Document Our Round The World Trip?


My dad will be turning a “round” age next month, and to celebrate I’m taking him on a surprise round the world trip.

For those of you not up to date on the planning process thus far, check out these posts:

— Planning My Dad’s Big Birthday Trip
— Update On My Dad’s Big Birthday Trip: A380s Around The World!
— Singapore Airlines Schedule Change: A380 Downgrade
— A Few More Months Till My Dad’s Big Trip

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My Single Favorite Thing About Living In Hotels


I’m often asked what my favorite and least favorite things are about living in hotels full time.

My answers always vary a little, though I tend to think my least favorite things are the challenge of doing laundry and the general food situation (not having access to fresh food, a refrigerator, on demand coffee, etc.). My favorite things are the flexibility of being able to be anywhere anytime… and just about everything else.

But after the past few weeks I’ve figured out what’s truly, undeniably, unarguably, and absolutely the greatest thing about living in hotels.

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Should You Keep Credit Cards After First Year?


I’ve received a handful of comments on the blog in the last week alone asking how I handle credit cards when the first year’s annual fee comes due. The questions are mostly similar to this one, asked by Amy on the Ask Lucky page of the blog:

“Lucky, do you cancel the cards after the initial year? as quite a few of them have annual fees afterwards. I heard that one’s first card should be kept for life, is that so?”

The way I see it, there a couple of separate questions here:

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Up To 35% Bonus When You Buy American Miles


American is offering a tiered bonus on the purchase of AAdvantage miles through November 12, 2014.

In order to qualify for the bonus you have to purchase at least 12,000 miles.

The bonus tiers are as follows:

— Purchase 12,000-29,000 miles and earn 3,000 bonus miles
— Purchase 30,000-49,000 miles and earn 8,000 bonus miles
— Purchase 50,000-79,000 miles and earn 15,000 bonus miles
— Purchase 80,000 miles and earn 28,000 bonus miles

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Review: Park Hyatt Seoul


People often leave comments at the end of my posts saying “I want five minutes of my life back.” Let me save you five minutes with a one sentence summary. The Park Hyatt Seoul is perfect.

You’ve been warned…

Incheon Airport is a long distance from the city, so upon arrival I headed to the bus counter, where I booked a bus that would drop me off at the Park Hyatt. The wait was about 20 minutes, and from there it was a roughly 75 minute drive.

As far as I’m concerned this hotel perfectly embodies everything which is the Park Hyatt brand, and that starts with the exterior. The hotel is housed in an all glass building — very elegant and understated. Perhaps the helipad on top isn’t understated, though. ;)

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Stunning Footage Of Mexico City Airport


While I love travel and miles & points, I might just love aviation even more. From airplanes to airports to everything inbetween, I’m as enthused by all of it as a toddler.

So there’s nothing I love more than some good airplane and airport video footage.

I can’t even say how excited I am about “Aviation: The Invisible Highway” movie coming out next year, as I get goosebumps every time I watch the trailer (and trust me, I’ve watched the trailer plenty):

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You Won’t Believe This Racist Chinatown Tour Guide!


I’m actually kind of a fan of double decker bus tours, especially the “hop on hop off” variety. When I visit a city for the first time I often like to use them on my first day or two to get a good overview of the city, and then from there decide where I want to concentrate more of my time.

Anyway, a video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday of a tour guide going off on a crazy-a$$ rant while driving through Chinatown.

This video is most definitely NSFW and contains a lot of bad language, so be advised:

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Book Lufthansa First Class Awards In Advance


There’s no denying that booking Lufthansa first class with miles is getting more difficult by the day:

— Lufthansa only releases first class award space to partner airlines at most 15 days out, so if you need to plan further out than that you usually need to redeem Miles & More miles
— Lufthansa is drastically cutting the number of first class seats they have in their fleet, so there are fewer seats for which to redeem miles
— United MileagePlus massively devalued their award chart and Avianca LifeMiles is blocking Lufthansa first class award space, so there aren’t many currencies that can still efficiently be redeemed for Lufthansa first class

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New FlyerTalk Premium Fare Deals Forum


It has been over a decade since I’ve flown longhaul economy class, and that’s thanks almost exclusively to miles & points.

The truth is at this point I just won’t fly longhaul economy unless I really have to. And since my schedule is usually extremely flexible and there are so many ways to fly premium cabins on miles, I haven’t really had to up until now.

But nowadays miles and points aren’t the only way to get into premium cabins for relatively cheap. One other trend I’ve noticed over the past few years is that many paid first and business class fares have become more reasonable. This has happened in two ways:

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